Effective preventive, diagnostic and corrective maintenance maximizes the operational reliability of the complete substation including primary and secondary equipment (i.e. transformers, switching devices, secondary circuits, protection scheme, and control systems, measuring schemes).

Periodic Preventive Maintenance can guarantee the availability and the reliability of the equipment.

Our experience over the years on constructing and maintaining substations is illustrated on the 4th edition of our publication titled ’’Preventive electrical maintenance Manual’’ written by our engineers team.

AMPPE SA expert engineers utilize the most advanced diagnostic and repair techniques with the aid of our up to date technical equipment.

Our main goal is to perform a time based complete maintenance that will ensure the minimum power disruption to the plant and will maximize the operational reliability of the substation system.

Our experience and expert knowledge on substations allows us to support a wide equipment range by the most popular manufacturers (ABB, SCHNEIDER, ALSTOM, SIEMENS).

Prior to Maintenance we make a detailed substation evaluation in order to create a maintenance program based on the present condition of the equipment of the substation (age, load stress e.t.c.) and the customer tasks.

Following the maintenance completion we make a detailed recording of the substation and we create one maintenance report that includes the results from the measurements and the tests that had been performed on each piece of the equipment. The report also includes remarks and proposals for improvement in order to minimize the danger of an unplanned outage due to equipment faults.

Customer Benefits
- Reference log for the substation
- Substation’s operation reliability and increased availability
- Minimized danger of a disruption in the production due to an un planned power outage
- 24h hotline for contact for support and free access to our diagnostic services
- Very small response time when a fault occurs on the substation
- Immediate and reasonably priced problem evaluation