Insulating Oil Regeneration Filters VIMAP 6&18(600lt/h and 1800lt/h)

Regeneration is achieved by mechanical filters and a tank that has a spiral damper where the moisture adsorption takes place using zeolites.

Insulating Oil Regeneration Filter Fluidex (2000lt/h)

Regeneration is achieved with the aid of filter elements (coalescer). After being pre-heated (60oC) the oil will pass through a cellular fiberglass layer, where the separation takes place in order to remove the solid oxidation remains, before entering the vacuum chamber. In the latest the accumulated gases in the oil and the water are removed.

Within only one cycle of operation we can achieve an increase in the dielectric strength(>70KV), moisture elimination (up to 0.5ppm),solid particles elimination (up to 0.5μm) and dissolved gases elimination (up to 0.1%).