• Completely equipped with suitable devices and machinery for construction and maintenance for:
  • - Medium High and Extremely High Voltage Substations.
    - 150KV Overhead Lines.
    - 20KV power lines.
    - 150,20,0.4KV Underground cable networks.

  • SF6 Switches filling equipment.

  • 3 Insulating Oil Regeneration filters with 600,1800 and 2000lt/h filtering capability

  • Spare Medium Voltage parts stored in our warehouse for immediate fault repairs.

  • Two spare Transformers 800KVA and 500Kva for immediate replacement in the event of when a transformer goes out of service. For daily or monthly basis renting.

  • Test and Measurement equipment.

  • Dielectric strength measurement portable device

  • Infrared Camera.

  • Crane bearing truck with lifting capability 3tn.

  • 3 mobile-service units (vehicles) for immediate fault repairs.

Equipment AMPPE S.A. Equipment AMPPE S.A. Equipment AMPPE S.A.